Thursday, January 14, 2010

Praying for Haiti

The current natural disaster that wreaked havoc on Haiti has consumed my thoughts and prayers. I am in awe of the shear force of the Earth, and reminded how fragile we all are. The horror of watching families, communities and the infrastructure of a society crumble is an incredible tragedy to bear. The thousands (possibly hundreds of thousands) who have died are still strewn about the city. The survivors are still rescuing family members, friends, neighbors. The ground is still shaking. Children are sleeping and walking amongst the dead on the street, some unable to find their caregivers and all with home to go to. Unquenchable thirst. Unsatisfied hunger. Unbelievable sorrow and pain. This is the worst tragedy that I have seen in my lifetime. Watching the ground coverage on the news and seeing what the reality of such massive destruction is sobering and sad. What about the people outside of the city that have been affected?? How long will it take to get to them?? Where will the homeless children go and who will care for them?? How does the city begin to heal and rebuild??

The response of the world has given me hope. Immediate action regardless of political relationships is what is needed and it seems that as a global community, we are all in agreement. In the meantime I watch and pray. I clean out the closets to pack clothes to send and donate to local relief organizations. I squeeze my family extra tight and reconnect with old friends. I am thankful everyday. I pray for the people of Haiti.


  1. I am also praying for those in Haiti. I watch and pray especially for the children -- so young to be in such a horrible situation. I am so thankful my children and family are safe. I am also working with donating things that may be needed.

  2. Prayers are certainly needed. I am from Portland Oregon and we have a few missing that were in Haiti. Such a worry. The whole thing is a unbelievable tragedy. If I think too much about it I get upset because I worry about any children left wandering with no one. How frightened they must be. Stations have set up here for donating, so that is a start. Talk with you soon.